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Naoka Ueno, in Japanese it is named as Ueno Naoka, and she is one of the characters of the anime and manga series named as koe no Katachi. He was one of the Shoya Ishida’s classmate back in the elementary school grade, who just sat next to him. She also used to be one of the very closest friends of Ishida, until the time she denied any type of helping with Ishida to bully Shoko Nishimiya. As Naoko’s got older by time, her anger and hatred for Shoko increases as she blames her only for what happened with the Shoya, and always Wishes that she never ever met her in life.


Naoka Ueno is often blunt and a very straightforward person, by getting rude, egoistic, and frank to people she does not like, especially Shoko Nishimiya. She also didn’t want to learn any of the Japanese sign and symbolic languages in an effort to Communicate with Shoko in an easiest way, as she always prefers to have Shoko Nishimiya to write down the stuff in a notebook. Naoka often show grief after all these violent outbursts, and even accepts to her actions, but she is unwilling to change. Naoka also being the ‘Traditional Tsundere’ have been shown to be somewhat boring and heartless to many of the characters in the series, although she also accepts to this.

Naoka Ueno
Class of Naoka Ueno

She is also shown to be somewhat audacious with her decision and will resort her violence very quickly as shown in the chapter 44 of the episode when Ueno assault to Shoko after her attempted suicide, which got resulted in Shoya Ishida being harmed. As she also admits that she just can’t see herself liking Shoko Nishimiya. Despite all this Naoka have also shown as soft and sweet side towards the end of the anime and manga series and can also become aroused relatively easily. In the series it is also hinted more than once that she has a huge crush on Ishida, who is the main character and also a childhood friend of her who is helped in the harassing and mocking of Shoko Nishimiya.

Towards the end of the anime and manga series, Naoka displays the progress of the changes in her attitude, ways and mentality toward the other people, and releases most of her overpass reason views towards her friends and the other people around her. Naoka later shows guilt for her earlier action and apologize to those people such as Ishida, an attempt to with Shoko.


Naoka is a pale skinned teen-age girl with having a straight mid-length long black hair with bangs. Naoka have a purple-coloured eyes. She is usually seen in her school uniform with a traditional white and red colour sailor fuku uniform, along with a dark skirt and a tan coloured school sweater. Naoka is also seen in her part time job uniform, in which she is she wearing glasses and ties up her hair upwards as well as her bangs, making her indistinguishable to those who search for her in her workplace.

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