Shigorô Hikizuri: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Shigorô Hikizuri

Different people are entertained by different kinds of things. Many people like to read books of different genres, while some people like to sing or practice some kind of musical instrument, some people love to dance or exercise and many other people like to watch movies, TV shows or cartoons for entertainment. Anything that involves a creative process, like drawing, direction, editing and other such methods can be considered as art, and people who are involved in any of these things can be considered as artists.

Anime is also a type of art form and it is particularly famous in Japan. Every country has their own specific art forms, and manga is the specificity of Japan. In Japan, the animated drawings that are seen on comics and cartoons are called manga, and when these works or manga are adapted into movies or TV shows, they are referred to as anime. So in short, anime is the animated film adaption of manga. Although anime is Japanese in origin, it has fans all across the world.

Shigorô Hikizuri

Shigorô Hikizuri is from an anime whose name is, Junji Ito Maniac, a show with the horror-comedy genre. It began airing in 2023, and has garnered quite a lot of attention. It was released in January 2023, and features twenty different tales written by popular horror-comedy anime artist Junji Ito, like The Hanging Balloons, Time and more. This show is being featured by Netflix. This show has been produced by Studio Deen, and is being directed by Shinobu Tagashira. Each episode features a different story and the run time of these episodes are about 20-25 minutes in average.

The first episode of this show featured a photographer who is very keen amount paranormal entities like ghosts and spirits. That photographer’s name is Sachiyo. A boy named Kazuya has a crush on Sachiyo that she is quite uaware of, and Sachiyo also has a boyfriend. She is also fond of arts and mystery, and because of this, he decides to exploit her feelings by manipulating her into visiting his home. Kazua also convinces his siblings to participate alongside him towards performing a seance to contact their parents, who had passed away. They decide to make someone a medium and after rationalising, that medium ends up being Shigorô.

Shigorô becomes possessed by the spirit of Gozo, who was their father. Through Shigorô, Gozo informs the rest of them that in spite of dead, he is still the head of the family from the afterlife. Shigorô scares everybody after getting possessed by Gozo. He lets them all know that since he cannot be there physically, they all must treat Shigorô like a proper king. However, it was soon revealed that Shigorô was faking it all, and had actually not been possessed. Everyone in the room got angry with him, which was quite expected. However, one of the siblings, Hitoshi, was actually the host of their father’s spirit. Hitoshi was not aware at all, and once everything ended, he was left confused and disorganised.

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