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Gol D. Roger, sometimes referred to as Gold Roger, was indeed a renowned pirate and the leader of the Roger Pirates. He held the position of Pirate King and was the owner of the fabled One Piece treasure. He was also Portgas D. Rouge’s lover and Portgas D. Ace’s biological father.

The Grand Line was conquered by Roger, who is renowned for accomplishing what no one else thought was possible and making a sizable fortune. Then, knowing he would soon pass away from an incurable illness, Roger dispersed his men before surrendering to be put to death. To deter piracy, the World Government planned to have Roger publicly executed, but his final words had the inverse result. He declared that whoever locates his riches may claim it. As a result, Roger was solely to blame for ushering in the Golden Period of Piracy.

Gol D. Roger: Appearance

Gol D. Roger was a tall, heavily built individual. His sharp eyes, furious grin, and curving black mustache stood out as his most distinguishing physical traits. He also had a short, huge neck and thick black hair.

He was dressed in a long red captain’s coat, as were many other high-ranking pirates. He had a yellow belt around his waist and a blue shirt underneath his coat. He was dressed in dark blue slacks, a white cravat over his neck, and what seemed to be black shoes.

Gol D. Roger: History

East Blue’s Logue Town is where Roger was born. He crossed paths with Rayleigh, and they set off as pirates. In order to combat and eliminate Rocks D. Xebec, Roger’s first foe and the most deadly pirate of them, he created a partnership in the company of Monkey D. Garp 40 years prior. Roger battled Edward Newgate and Garp repeatedly for years following Xebec’s passing. Roger stole the Road Poneglyph plans from Big Mom during the Gold Pirates Era.

Gol D. Roger
A look of Gol D. Roger

As he is passing away, Roger has a disease that cannot be healed. To be put to death in his hometown of Logue Town, Roger turned himself in to the government. Roger trusted Garp to care for his son before he was put to death, despite Garp’s refusal.

Even though Roger was killed as he died beaming as a member of the D family, he told the people just before being put to death to go in pursuit of his riches, One Piece, which sent many pirates into disaster.

Gol D. Roger: Physical Prowess

As evidenced by the ease with which he defeated Kozuki Oden, Roger showed extraordinary physical strength. He might also engage Edward Newgate in a strength-balanced conflict. Even though Roger was suffering from an incurable illness, he still had a tremendous amount of strength and vigor.

Haki: Gol D. Roger

One of the extremely few individuals in the entire globe who was able to use all three varieties of Haki was Roger.

The Haoshoku Haki

When Roger and Edward Newgate got into a fight, it was clear that Roger had a tremendous command of Haoshoku Haki. Their collision unleashed a powerful burst that moved over the island they were on as well as force the Moby Dick as well as the neighboring trees, clouds, & people. It had a striking effect like lightning.

The Busoshoku Haki

Roger had a great command of Busoshoku Haki. One of the Twelve Supreme Grade Meito, Murakumogiri, may be evenly matched by his Haki-infused saber by imbuing it with the Haki.

Toki Kenbunshoku

According to his character card, Roger had the potential to utilise Kenbunshoku Haki.

Differences Between Anime And Manga

Numerous unique details about Roger’s life—and demise—during the Loguetown War were produced by the Toei anime.

Gol D. Roger
Life of Gol D. Roger

A variety of unique elements about Roger’s life—and demise—during the Logue-town Arc, in specific Episode 48, were created by the Toei anime. They include:

  • The night before leaving for the Grand Line, he was introduced as an elderly bartender (who eventually changed the name of his establishment to Roger).
  • Naming the Killer Giant, Eric D, the Gowns Brothers, & Silver-Silver as four (apocryphal) enemies he vanquished on his travels.
  • Setting his execution for a hot, sunny day (something later disputed by the manga, which stated it—similar to Luffy’s almost-execution in Loguetown—was conducted during a violent downpour).
  • Instead of speaking them out of the blue, he chose to frame his final words as a reply to an anonymous guy who was present during the execution.
  • By extension, portraying his demise as a hasty attempt by the killers to prevent him from disclosing One Piece’s precise position.


  • Roger is both the first character in the series to be shown and the first to pass away on-screen.
  • The first character having the letter D in his name is Roger. Nonetheless, he is the 2nd to be named since, following his original appearance, Dr. Kureha disclosed that his real identity was Gol D. Roger. This is also the 1st evidence that persons with the initial D are mysterious and possess something special, and Roger acknowledges to Whitebeard that perhaps the initial D has more significance than a basic initial.
  • Given that “Gold Roger” was not his real name, Roger disliked the moniker.
  • It is established that Roger lacked the abilities of the Devil Fruit.

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