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A major character in Kakegurui is named Yumemi Yumemite. She is the head of public relations for the student council as well as an idol whose goal has always been to succeed Kawaru Natari as a well-known actor.

Appearance Through Out: Yumemi Kakegurui

Yumemi Kakegurui is a tall, very fair-skinned girl with long, light brown or somewhat pink hair that is arranged into two ponytails and secured with white hair ties (which appear to be scrunchies). Her blue eyes have star-shaped, white pupils.

She is dressed in the Academy uniform, but instead of the standard tie, she is wearing a purple flower. She also has painted pink fingernails and wears light pink lipstick.

She used to style her hair when she was little for a while. She also has painted pink fingernails and wears light pink lipstick.

Yumemi Kakegurui
Good looks of Yumemi Kakegurui

She once wore her hair a certain way Kawaru Natari did when she was little, down to the hair clip. This demonstrates how much she yearned to resemble her. She adopted her current haircut because Saori assured Yumemi that she would assist her.

She presents a more cuter version of herself on stage by wearing short skirts and colourful colours. On stage, she changes into a variety of clothes. She still wears a flower, a pattern with checks, and bows. She has two that are pretty identical, one blue and one grey. Yumemi is later spotted wearing a dark pink and blue outfit.

Her Character: Yumemi Kakegurui

Yumemi is a complicated individual. She gives off an extremely lovely and upbeat exterior. She never loses her positive attitude and consistently prioritises her admirers. However, in truth, she is conceited, calculating, and sadistic since she will stop at nothing to succeed and realise her goal of becoming a famous person. She is a master manipulator who doesn’t mind deceiving and acting dishonestly. She becomes incredibly upset and violent whenever someone makes fun of her, frequently destroying her complete dressing room.

She frequently refers to her fans as “pigs,” which disgusts her, but she refuses to meet with them because she wants to become a well-known Hollywood actress and win an Academy Award. She has demonstrated that she dislikes the fan club’s dance routines and finds their “sweaty, slimy palms” repulsive. Yumemi has grown to be happier with the stuff she already has & the people who support her as a result of her interaction with Kawaru Natari and to be more modest. She behaved less selfishly and was now pleased of being an idol. She also comes to appreciate Saori’s generosity and improved treatment of her.

What Does Yumemi Mean?: Yumemi Kakegurui

The meanings of Yumemi’s last name, Yumemite, are “dream, vision,” “see, hopes, chances, thought, opinion, gaze at, visible,” and “phoneme alone, (kokuji)” respectively (te).

Yumemi In Compulsive Gambler

Memi, a notorious compulsive gambler, was repeatedly spotted in the Council lounge. She’s the one to point out that if Yumeko Jabami can defeat Itsuki Sumeragi, then she must be incredible. Following a confrontation between Yumeko and several council members, where they worried that Kirari Momobami may end up as a housepet, Yumemi promised to manage Yumeko herself. She gave her a gaming invitation. She had to have a meet with her fan group and Shinnouji beforehand. She put on an adorable smile and act for them. But because she detests her nasty followers so much, she proceeded to clean her mouth & hands before destroying her dressing room.

Then she ran into Yumeko and Ryota Suzui, telling them she still remembers them.

She is quite familiar with each and every one of her followers in the hopes that doing so will help her succeed. She gave them a copy of the rules for the game they’d play. Yumemi also advised Yumeko not to stress over making mistakes on stage. Yumeko questioned her about disliking her fans, though. Yumemi lost her cool and attacked. Yumeko said she had taped that after her outbursIf she succeeds in the wager, she will expose that tape in the presence of the audience, ruining her career. Yumemi had to deal with her intense rage. They continued to perform. Yumemi put a lot of effort into winning, even remembering the birthdays of each of her supporters.

All the games had something to do with what an idol ought to be able to perform. In order for Yumeko to unexpectedly beat her in the end, Yumemi allowed Yumeko to win a couple of them. A birthday game of chance was one of the selected games. As only fanclub members were eligible, she was naturally confident she would win because she is familiar with most of their birthdays. Mary Saotome was present there to witness Yumeko, who was the audience member chosen at random. Yumemi was frightened because she was unaware of her birthday. She made an attempt to decipher Yumeko’s writing, but she was unable and lost the game. She had a good chance of winning, but her need to brag cost her the victory.

Yumemi Kakegurui
Yumemi Kakegurui: Creative touch

She conceded that Yumeko should play the recording despite being completely damaged. She felt that her career was ruined because all of her fans were stunned. They applauded her nonetheless, loving her candour. Yumemi thanked them after being moved to tears. Saori, however, stormed the stage and claimed that this game had been rigged in an effort to destroy Yumemi’s career. Yumeko pressed Kaede Manyuda, who was the defendant. Yumemi cautioned her to exercise caution because she had grown to feel about her. Naturally, Yumeko disregarded it and advised her to relax.

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