Robert Jebediah Freeman: Bio, Age, Looks, Anime

Robert Jebediah Freeman: Introduction

Robert Jebediah Freeman ‘is the granddad’ freeman and is the deuteragonist character of the Animated television comic ‘the boondocks’ series. He is the paternal grandfather of the Huey and Riley freeman and also become their legal guardian after the few unknown fate that happened to the boy’s parents. Robert Jebediah currently lives with his grandson in the suburban city of the Woodcrest. He was voiced by the late John Witherspoon in the animated television series.

Robert Jebediah Freeman: History

It is not correctly known that when the Robert Jebediah Freeman was born but taking into the consideration that how he fought in WWII he was probably somewhere born in the 1920s. Robert exact, and real age is very unknown. But for him to be present during the World War second and also in several civil right events, he would be somewhat 85- to 110-year-old right now. Robert was obviously get married at one point and also had a son, that is Huey and Riley’s dad.

Robert Jebediah Freeman
Creative look and style of Robert Jebediah Freeman

The very exact face of his wife, son and daughter in law are very unknown but they are considered deceased by all accounts. In the episode of Riley wuz here, Riley had spray-painted a mural on the side of their House of either granddad and also Rober’s deceased wife or somehow possibly his daughter in law and son on their own wedding day, by copying a photo from the family album. After his granddad sheds a tear, he thanks Riley and also take a picture of the mural on his digital camera and later on then he forces Riley to paint over the side of the house.

Robert Jebediah Freeman: Personality

The best way to describe about the “Robert Jebediah Freeman” is that he is old yet unwise. He never really accepts the responsibility for his actions, nor does he never learn any lesson from that. Robert has been shown to be so extremely impatient, prideful, and intolerant.

He believes in the very strict discipline that is quick to go for his belt when the boys step out of his line. As he also says that I hate to see a child go unbeaten. He is not really a best parental figure or influence. Robert is perfectly fine with sneaking into the movies without even paying. A dream sequences also revealed that he is cowardly and very quick to abandoned friends and family to save himself.

Robert Jebediah can be swayed quite easily by the television advertisement which lead him to purchasing the demonic Siri. He has also been revealed to be extremely incompetent with the money and the finances. This had led him to being in depth for the two million dollars. We cannot really say that grandad’s all bad though. While Robert tends to get distracted very easily and will sometime be embarrassed by the action of his own grandsons.

He has been really shown to genuinely love and care about both Riley and Huey. It is also seen that rather than being a womanizer with a thing for a younger woman, Roberts Jebediah still loves his deceased wife and was touched when Riley painted her on the House.

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