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Ray Cyrus Net Worth: Early Life

Billy Ray Cyrus is a Virgo and was born on 25 August 1961 in Flatwoods, Kentucky. Billy’s mother is Ruth Ann Casto, Billy’s father is Ronald Cyrus, and he is of Caucasian ancestry. When Cyrus was young, Billy was exposed to music. Billy’s mother performed on the piano, his grandmother the fiddle, and his father the guitar. Cyrus graduated from ‘Kentucky’s Russell High School’ and then attended ‘Georgetown College’. In 1982, Billy and his brother collaborated to start the band “Sly Dog,” and they were able to secure concerts in Ohio. Shortly after that, Cyrus left college. The band’s instruments were damaged in a fire in 1984, which caused problems. After Sly Dog split up, Billy pursued his career on his own. In 1990, the seasoned performer Del Reeves became aware of him and urged Mercury Records’ A&R team to give him a shot. Billy Cyrus was signed by Mercury Records after giving a live performance.

Ray Cyrus

Ray Cyrus Net Worth

Billy Cyrus is a 20 million dollar actor, singer, and composer who specializes in country music. Although Billy’s most obvious claim to fame is being Miley Cyrus’ father, he has also had a successful musical career.

Ray Cyrus Net Worth: Career

Cyrus was a member of the band ‘Sly Dog’, and while Billy was trying to land a record deal, he lived in his next-door neighbor’s car. In 1992, Cyrus issued his debut record, ‘Some Gave All.’ It was an immediate success for Billy in terms of sales. On the Billboard Best Country Albums chart, it debuted at No. 1. On the album, 4 of the tracks were among the top forty. ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ was the single with the most success. ‘It Won’t Be the Last,’ Billy’s 2nd studio album, was released in 1993. It made its chart debut at the top spot. Storm in the Heartland, Billy’s third album for Mercury Records, was released in 1994. Both the album as well as the singles failed to peak in the top 10 of the rankings. Billy Ray Cyrus’ final album for Mercury, ‘Shot Full of Love,’ was premiered in 1998. In 1999, Billy left ‘Mercury’ to join with ‘Monument Records’ after releasing his lowest-charting album.

Billy Ray Cyrus’s Private Life

Miley Cyrus, Trace Cyrus, & Noah Cyrus are all musicians. Cyrus has indeed had two marriages & has a total of six kids. From 1986 to 1991, Billy was married to Cindy Smith. “Wher’m I Gonna Live?’ and ‘Some Gave All’ were co-written by Billy and Cindy. On her debut album, Cyrus included the tracks. In a covert ceremony, Billy wed actress & producer Leticia Finley in 1993. Billy’s record label had prevented him from doing so. Billy adopted two small children from Finley’s prior relationships with the marriage. In 2017, the divorce was formally annulled after the pair attended marriage therapy and decided against divorcing. After almost 3 decades of marriage, Trish requested a divorce in April 2022.

Ray Cyrus

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