David Ray McCoy: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

David Ray McCoy is one of the fathers who is known to be the father for the shawntae Harris and is also rapper. He is the one who goes by the stage name and that is Da Brat. Davis is known to be one of a businessman and who is also a businessman by the profession. Also, he is the one who has never married Brat’s mother that is Nadine Brewer. Also, he has another daughter whose name is LisaRaye Mccoy and one of the renowned actresses and also the fashion designer.


David Ray Mccoy is known to born on 6th March 1935 in the Henley field which is situated at the pearl river and at the death is on 13 November 1988 and which is situated at the Chicago cook. Her mother is Violee Mccoy, and her father is Jessie E. Mccoy. David is known to born on the Henley field which is situated at the pearl river and the violee Mccoy. David is known to passed away on 13th November 1988.

Daughter Fairy Tale wedding

Jessica and the brat who is having a very famous fairy tale wedding and appear in various reality show that Brat loves Judy. Also, Brat is known for having a fairy tale wedding. Also, couple is known for improving their wedding day with her back and then it is commemorated and proving and starting their journey from the motherhood. Also, she is known for talking about the wedding dress and appreciating the designer clothes and dresses that match its personality. Also, partnering and motivating with her better so that she is blessed with her and truly understand and also cares about her. Brat is known for truly breaking the rules and also marrying the love of life. David’s daughter has a fairy tale wedding and truly blessed and cares about her. Also, her partner understands and motivate her for doing better. Brat is known to come for a conservative family and the society. David is known to have 52 yrs of age and when he died at this age.

Net worth

David is known to be a millionaire and at the time of death and the net worth of David’s daughter is around $1 million worth. Also, she is known for managing and earning a great fortune from her music career.

Fertility Journey

Couple was not having baby and facing lot of ups and downs. So, they are facing lot of health problems and after that they are hospitalized because of blood clots and anything they wanted is out of capacity and sharing their true happiness with the baby. After that brat is known to receive and able to share happiness with the baby who is the brat. Brat is also revealing the doctor who is more than anyone has that is gone in the whole life. Also, not giving up in life.

Tragic Death

David is known to be dead for the film 1988 and also in the back seat for the car. Also, after that he was shot dead at the age of 52 yrs. David was very successful businessman and also owned various hotels.

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