Chris Frangipane: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Chris Frangipane is one of the former car salesmen and who is the father of Halsey and a very popular American singer and his real name is Ashley Nicollette frangipane. The dad of Hasley is also the father of the two sons that are sevian and dante frangipane. Also, they all appear to be younger than Hasley.

Chris also appears to be drop-out from the school and can take care of the family and in early success from the music industry. Also receive great success by searching greener pasture. And enjoying the fruits for the hard labour as a daughter who is grown and then become huge success for the music industry.


Chris frangipane and belongs to the male gender and has the mixed ethnicity and also belongs to the American nationality and has the libra zodiac sign. He belongs to the christanity religion and his children are Ashley, sevian and dante frangipane. Also, his parents were James frangipane. The height of chris in inches were 5’5’’ and in centimeters were 165 cm. Also he is very famous because of being the father for hasley. Chris parents were james frangipane and belongs for being the famous because of the father for hasley. Chris has the mixed ethnicity and belongs to the nationality of American.

Chris Frangipane Ethnicity

Chris frangipane is also belonging and having the mixture for American and African, also belongs to the irish. He isn’t a mainstream celebrity. Also, chris is having the exact birth year and that has never been mentioned in the public arena. Also, Chris is known for celebrating the content for the Insta story and from the daughter Halsey who is known to be the patriarch from the frangipane family and is slowly inching towards the fifties. Also, Chris is known for celebrating the birthday and speculating the space over internet and then pegged that year between 1972 till 1974. Also, when talking about the place of birth Mr. Frangipane and who is known to be born on the USA and precisely is new jersey. Also, that makes the American national and the ethnicity of the man that is mixed. Also, the salesman of the car is known for spending the formative years that has residency in the new jersey also and that has helped the granddaughter of hasley and sheltering the parents and boosting the drooped out for college from the school. Chris is known for believing and growing up in some siblings and then no information is provided.

Chris Frangipane parents & Siblings

The ethnicity is of the mixture for the American and the American and also the irish. He belongs to the mainstream celebrity and also the chris has the exact birth year and then mentioned and then landed a job as one of the car mechanic. Chris sharing with the close affinity with the automobiles at the very young age. James is known to passed on the year 2011 and has the significant loss interest in the frangipane clan. Also, shared the piece of information with the sevian frangipane and is the first son of chris. Also, there are additional details which are available and then the senior frangipane died from the octogenarian.Also, the mum of chris is still alive. And then she is the resident of the new jersey and which helped the grand-daughter hasley shelters.

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